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Lately I have had alot of questions about shellac nails

So I have wrote a little information hoping it will answer the common questions clients have been asking.

Shellac is a brand name by a company called Creative nail design (CND)


Its is a blend of gel and polish meaning it has the ease of polish with a performance of a gel.

It Has –

  • A 14+ Day wear
  • Zero Dry Time
  • High shine
  • 5 minute removal

It has been mixed up with alot of other gel polishes but you just have to remember shellac is the brand.

It Is Applied similar to nail polish no sculpting or filling.

It is cured under UV lighting. It can also be incorporated into enhancements to give colour to your gels or acrylics.

It is applied thin enough but gives great flexibility and durability.

Shellac CND should not be mixed with any other gel polish systems.

Nail damage can be avoided by proper remover by cotton and foil removal method.

Some clients may experience dryness we recommend using solar oil to keep them nice and moisturized.

When in getting shellac service you should:

  • Look out for CND shellac certified pro logo.
  • Ask if the salon uses CND shellac products.
  • Watch what products are being used during service.


Here are some pictures of real CND products.

shellac-1         cnd-shellac-base-top           scrud-fresh

solar-oil   cnd-shellac-xpress5  cnd-lamp





Spotlight on Moroccanoil shampoos

So everyone knows about Moroccanoil original Argan oil treatment for your hair and all the benefits !! From shiny , smooth , repaired ends . Increased elasticity , hair that grows longer and healthier the list goes on and on !!
But did you know about their wonderful shampoo range ?

Moisture repair
Extra volume

What they all have in common is that they are all Colour safe !
Which makes sense so that rather than worrying about protecting your colour , you can pick a shampoo that best suits your hairs needs
They are all sulfate free ( sulfates are harsh detergents that dry the hair and damage colour )
Phosphate free (abrasive salts that are used in cheaper shampoos)
Paraben free , a preservative which has been linked to cancerous tumors and will be taken out of all cosmetic products in the next few years .
So nothing harmful and gentle for sensitive scalps and children .
These products are concentrates , so use a small amount and it’s essential to add water to get a lather rather than more product .
Just because it doesn’t bubble the same as cheaper shampoos ( because it doesn’t have sulfates) doesn’t mean it isn’t cleaning your hair !!

Moisture Repair

This shampoo is fantastic for anyone with dry hair that is also experiencing breakage ! It will restore moisture and replace lost proteins ! The more you use these shampoos the better and better you hair gets.
Ideal for highlighted and bleached hair or balayage techniques !



This is for what I call thirsty hair !! Hair that just naturally is dry and needs moisture to make it feel soft and healthy again . It contains a fab ingredient called Red Alge which is a moisturizer that protects the hair cuticle from dryness .
Excellent for any hair type that suffers with dryness or for when you are starting to lighten your hair .

Extra Volume

For anyone who wants weightless lift in their hair , this is your only shampoo !! A plant extract that plumps the hair from the inside out and keeps volume locked in when used with extra volume conditioner !

Perfect for fine hair that wants weightless volume and as a weekend shampoo for styling big hair styles !


This is an anti frizz humid blocking shampoo that works on all hair types that have a frizzy texture . When used with smoothing conditioner , it temporarily realigns the keratin bonds in the hair to keep your style smooth and sleek for up to 72 hours !

This suits fine hair and thick hair , it’s the texture you need to examine . So if you have a frizzy texture give this a go ! It’s my personal shampoo that I would not be without !


A gentle cleansing shampoo that purifies and removes residue, while being gentle to the hair and colour .
Perfect for swimmers to remove chlorine build up , hard water areas and anyone who uses a lot of products .
In the salon we love this product as it prepares the hair to allow maximum benefit for masks to work their magic .
I hope that explains the different shampoos in the Moroccanoil range and if you need a recommendation or want to buy some please contact us in the salon or through email !

Big love and hugs

Lisa xxx


London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017

It’s a wonderful feeling being asked to work at London Fashion Week with Moroccanoil UK creative team and to be asked back for my fourth season , is still as exciting as the first time .
The energy and hair this year was so inspiring and I’m proud to tell you all about what is the new upcoming trends !


Catwalk hair is always secondary to the clothes but for me I think it reflects a more natural way of wearing our hair that’s very achievable with the right products .
First up we had Temperley which had little flashes of colour , the Temperley girl is someone who would love to go crazy with her hair and dye it pink but due to work commitments or lifestyle it’s just not possible .
We achieved this with subtle strips of pastel pinks attached to the hair in a temporary way .
Fun for a weekend or summer festival !


The whole look is very softly tousled , day old hair which can be achieved even on freshly washed hair with a large Tongs very lightly brought through only the mid lengths hair . Apply dry shampoo into the roots and a little onto your hands and work it well into the hair .
Always style the curl away from your face , tuck one piece behind your ear but keep the ear covered for that casual sexy look .


For Kristian Aadnevik it was jungle Wild woman all the way !  Kristian’s clothes are always very sexy and the hair was big and waved and had a modern 80’s feel .
The look was achieved with lots of root boost used all through the hair , rough dried to maintain texture and then tonged in fine sections and back combed through the roots and brushed out everywhere else into these sexy waves.


So now you know what’s big for next year you can keep ahead of the trends ! Why not try out a little flash of colour with an extensions piece for a weekend ? Or maybe wear your hair bigger and more textured than a simple curly Blowdry !


Next week I’m going to talk about creating the right canvas for beautiful hair and how it all begins with the correct shampoo and conditioner !!

Big love and hugs

Your Appointment with Plastic Surgery is Postponed!!

Here at Zinc Hair ans Beauty we are launching a new brand of facials. There is 3 different types:

  • Botox Facial
  • Anti-wrinkle Facial
  • Eye Rescue Facial

Botox Facial

This treatment erases expression lines without the use of surgical intervention, with its cutting edge technology it minimizes lines and wrinkles it contains an ingredient called Leuphasyl which relaxes the muscles meaning when you laugh, frown, smile and squint the lines don’t crease up as much!




Anti-Wrinkle Filling Facial for over 45 years

This treatment repairs the marks that time leaves on the skin, it combats signs of ageing. Provides deep skin hydration while preventing and repairing the damage of time without any injections. It works with 4D technology which is a four- dimensional approach to  to tackle signs of ageing.


  before chronos


after chronos


Eye Rescue Facial

This is a specific eye contour therapy that deters the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles while combating puffiness and dehydration. We aim to deliver visible results using high-end ingredients it is designed to open and refresh the eye area. It clears away dark circles, crows feet and eye bags.


before Opsis 1


after opsis 1


We highly recommend that clients do a course of treatments to achieve the best results.

It is also highly important to purchase the recommended products to prolong your treatment.

If you have any questions contact any of our Beauty Therapists.






Plaits, plaits and more plaits

Today’s blog is all about plaits! Weather it’s for a festival or just for something a little bit different plaits are huge right now!!!
Not only are they great for kids but their are so many that look amazing on adults to!!! And their are so many types! These are the main and most popular plaits!!!

The French plait : This is probably the most popular and well known plait out of all the braids and probably the most simple! This is a three strand braid where you start off by taking a section of hair at the top of the head and sectioning it into three! Start off by bringing the left section over the center section and joining in into the right one, then bring the right section over the center section to join the left one, continue this the whole way down the head adding a small section of hair in with each section on the way down. Once down the very end of the hair, finish with a small bobbin.

The Dutch plait : The Dutch braid is also known as an inside out plait. It is known as this because it is very similar to a basic braid, the only difference is instead of bringing your strands over the center section you are bringing them under. Continuing to add hair into each section the whole way down and finishing at the end of the hair. This braid is a lot tighter and structured on the head so it is nice to finish this braid off by pulling it out and loosening it as much as you like! This gives a nice soft finish.


The halo plait: This braid is more of an advanced braid and is better to try on someone else before trying on yourself! Start by sectioning the back of the hair In two and by tilting the head forward allow the hair to fall forward to show the crown section on top. Starting on the right section, start to Dutch braid along the head staying as close to the hairline as possible the whole way around creating a halo effect. Continue until you finished back where you have started and braid to the ends of the hair. Secure with a bobbin and at this point start to pull out and texturize you braid, finish by tucking the ends of the braid into the right side to join the halo together. To add extra softer if you have bangs or a fringe you can pull that out to give a more festival feel.

sams halo plait

Fishtail plait : This braid is one of few two strand braids. The easiest way to start a Fishtail plait is to smooth all the hair back into a low ponytail. Start by sectioning the hair In two and keeping one section in each hand, take a very small section from the outer left side of the left section and join it into the inner side of the right section. Then take a very small section from the outer right side of the right section and join it into the inner side of the left section, continue this the whole way down to the ends of the hair and secure with a bobbin. To soften the look remove the top bobbin and pull the braid out Abit.

Waterfall plait : This braid is a beautiful way to add texture to a down hair style. Starting at the front hairline pick up your 3 strands as if your starting to do a French braid. Start to French braid the hair, after you have brought the third section over drop the bottom one to blend with the hair that is down, then pick more hair up beside the dropped one to replace the one you have just dropped. To keep the plait along the hairline make sure to keep adding small bits of hair to the top section! Drop every third bottom section and continue doing so until you reach the back. Secure with a clip to finish the look.

Plaits are so in right now whether it be for going to the gym, going on a night out or going to a festival! They are such a handy trick to have up anyone’s sleeve that will always come in useful.



As promised we are going to continue with some our dermalogica products.Reading about them will give you an idea of what would suit your skin type. If you are still unsure you can always drop into Zinc Hair and Beauty and have a free face mapping done by one of our qualified skin therapists.






Gentle Cream Exfoliant

Light in texture and can be used on all skin types except sensitised.

It is a 2 in 1 product and can also be used as a mask.

Helps loosen dead skin cells and clears follicles to promote skin health and prepare skin for optimal absorption of moisturising ingredients.

It provides effective, non-aggressive retexturisation while increasing hydration and smoothness.


Skin Prep Scrub

This can be used on all skin conditions especially skin with excess oil production.

This is tick and feels gritty on the skin. Its for people who love a good scrub without actually damaging the skin.

It removes clogging surface debris dramatically improves skin texture and dullness.


Daily Microfoliant

This is Dermalogicas number 1 seller!! It is a unique rice based powder which contains brightening complex instantly that instantly leaves the skin noticeably smoother and brighter.

It can be used daily, it is suitable for all skin types.

It helps balance uneven pigmentation for a more even complexion.


Daily Resurfacer

A precise dose of leave-on exfoliating treatment ideal for use between professional treatments.

Helps reduce the signs of prematurely ageing skin, helps skin retain moisture, reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Can be used on all skin conditions, except users of medically prescribed exfoliating products.


Active Moist

To be used on skin with excess oil production.

its a light weight, oil free lotion for daily moisture protection that actively combats surface dehydration while smoothing the skins surface botanical extracts.

Provides effective oil-free hydration without leaving a greasy after feel.

Smooths and helps improve skin texture.


Skin Smoothing Cream

For dry, dehydrated or prematurely ageing skin.

Helps fight skin ageing and skin damaging free radicals.

Smooths fine lines and promotes elasticity.

Helps shield against dehydration and pollution.


Intense Moisture Balance

To be used on dry or prematurely ageing skin.

It is designed to combat dry skin and reduce signs of premature ageing.

Ideal for clients looking for a thicker cream.

Antioxidants help prevent daily damage caused by free radicals.

Strengthens skins lipid barrier to help prevent moisture loss while smoothing the appearance of fine lines.


Solar Defense Booster SPF 50

Suitable for all skin conditions.

I would highly recommend for pregnant ladies as I myself have used this particular product throughout my pregnancy and my skin was flawless!!

Helps improve skin smoothness and softens while providing added defense against skin ageing and free radicals.



Tips on choosing the right cleanser

Have you ever wanted to try dermalogica products but didn’t know where to start? Standing there thinking to yourself “they all look the same “. Well here is your Go to guide to all Dermalogica cleansers, I will be posting another blog post about exfolitors and moisturizers from the grey line. Have a read and you should get an idea of what will suit your skin, If your still unsure pop in any time for a quick chat an myself or someone on my team will point you in the right direction as we provide free face mapping.

1. Pre cleanse

dermalogica precleanse

Pre cleanse should be used as your first cleanse and is suitable for All skin types


Dissolves oil based make up, sebum, sunscreen delivers a level of cleansing traditionally experienced in professional treatment room.

A great make-up remover!! even for mascara and lipstick!


Dermal Clay Cleanser

dermal clay

For skin with excess with oil production asorbs the excess oil, clears pores and clears congestion.


Unique day formula thoroughly removes dead cell debris

Soothing menthol helps calm aggravation and has a cooling sensation on skin

Naturally astringent plant extracts helps prevent future break outs.

Special Cleansing Gel:

special cleansing gel

Soap free fragrance free cleanser, washes away impurities without stripping or drying can be used on all skin types. Calming agents work to sooth and purify skin.

Essential Cleansing Solution:


If your skin is dry or prematurely aging this is the one for you! It gently lifts impurities from dry skin while deep conditioning and nourishing


Pop into myself (Tanya) or any of my team if you need any help choosing a cleanser as i know myself how hard it is to choose without the experts 🙂


Tanya and the zinc Team






The Truth About Going Lighter

khloe k

Important info for you ALL…
(Both clients and stylists)

I try to explain to clients, there are stages to hair color.
I always use Khloe Kardashian as an example, because she has done so much to her hair in the past 2 years (I put together this collage to showcase).
I want to educate all of my clients on color theory so there are no surprises when your color doesn’t turn out like you expect…

Everyone has different undertones in their hair.
If you have black, dark brown, or medium brown hair… your undertone is red.

If you have light brown, dark blonde, medium blonde… your undertone is orange.

If you have light blonde to pale blonde… your undertone is yellow.

What this means:
If we color you lighter, your natural undertone is going to show through the color we achieve.

As a stylist, we are limited to what we can do for you…

1. We can bleach or lighten you to the palest color we can achieve (sometimes that may not be as light as you are hoping)… adding Olaplex to your service can greatly increase the chance of getting your hair lighter, without the expected damage.

2. We can tone your hair with… green to cancel red, blue to cancel orange, and violet to cancel yellow. (Sometimes this makes the hair muddy looking, or a little tinged to a blue, green, or violet color. Note: toner only lasts 4-6 weeks, after that,u are back to your natural undertones… so keep coming back for your toner)

3. We can balance your hair with a pH treatment. (When your hair’s ph levels are off, so will your color)

4. We can seal in your color with a treatment (this helps with fade-out, keeping your color long lasting and vibrant)

What you need to do for yourself…

1. Throw out your cheap products!! (Cheap products contain harsh chemicals that eat away at the molecules in your color. Why spend all that money, just to forfeit the desired look?!)

2. Stay out of the sun!! (Sun naturally lightens hair. When your hair lightens, the natural undertones begin to pop out)

3. Get a water softener. (Hard water puts unwanted chemicals in your hair and can strip the color right out)

4. Don’t do toners on yourself (drug store and beauty supply stores that YOU can buy color at, are not quality products… you will do more damage than good)

5. Buy a take-home treatment from me… this will keep your color lasting longer and your hair looking shinier and healthier.

6. Be patient. You cannot build a house overnight!! (Color takes time, or you will end up with damaged hair.)

Now, NOTE:
All of these treatments, remedies, and color applications cost money!! If you have high expectations for your hair, your wallet needs to match those expectations. Your desired look, will most likely take multiple applications, be patient… and make sure you have the money to achieve and keep up on your desired look.

If money is an issue, ask for a price quote.

If time is of the essence, don’t bother getting a lighter color.

If keeping up on your investment (your hair color) isn’t in your time, don’t do it.

Be realistic with yourself and your budget.

Don’t like what I have written? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion!! This here, is mine. Feel like I haven’t written the truth? Feel free to write your own article, don’t bash mine.

If you feel this post can better help you or your clients understand the process of color… repost and share. But only do so if you credit me in the post. Thank you
@vixenhair (instagram)


Blog by Danielle Filice

Choosing the RIGHT shampoo for your hair

So are you one of those people who uses any shampoo you find in the bathroom and then wonder “why is my hair not in good condition?”

We hear this every day in the salon and its 9 times out of 10 its brought back to shampoos and products you are using on your hair.

Here in Zinc we stock products called Alfaparf. They are designed especially to suit every type of hair and make the dreaded washing/drying your hair that little bit easier.

So in Zinc we use Alfaparf Semi Di lino. It is an amazing range and it stocks all products from Shampoo to Styling products. It is free from Sulphates, Parabens, Mineral Oils and Artificial Allergens. So it is not heavy on the hair and will not leave it feeling greasy.

We have 5 different hair types to suit and were sure you will find the perfect one.

1. Diamond Range (suits normal/coloured hair)

alfaparf diamond

So this is a really light shampoo. This gives an amazing shine off the hair and leaves it smelling fantastic. I’ve found it works great on Blondes, But the HEALTHY blondes. It guarantees up to 17% extra shine. we do have one for the dry end blondes so we keep this for the hair that is in good condition to enhance its shine.  It contains vitamin vitamin A E and F to give the hair Fiber new energy.

2.Moisture (Dry coloured hair)

moisture alfaparf

The moisture products is for hair that is Dehydrated and needs to correct softness. This will cleanse and nourish you hair without leaving it heavy or lank. It is amazing for tangled hair!! Hair will have 3% more shine and 5% fewer tangles, it doesn’t seem like much but you will 100% notice the difference. I always use the nutritive range on any of my clients that have chemically damage hair, it helps split ends.  if you have dry dehydrated hair this product is your new best friend.

3. Reconstruct (Damaged coloured hair)

reconstruct alfaparf

This product works wonders on damaged, stressed hair. It will guarantee to replenish hair deep down whilst ensuring you still have a shine off it. the reconstruct products all contain Bamboo Marrow which is very high in silicon content, fundamental to deliver strength and elasticity to the heart of the fiber. We use the reconstruct range on nearly all our damaged blondes as we have seen amazing results in the past from using these products.

4.Volume (Thin Coloured Hair)


Do you feel your hair is thin, lifeless and fine? you should definitely try the volume products. When you use this it supports the hair for full volume effect without feeling heavy on the hair. The volume ingredient plumps out the hair making it look fuller.I would use this on alot of clients who don’t have a lot of thickness in there hair but long for big bouncy blow dry’s!

5. Discipline(Frizzy Coloured Hair)

disaplin range

If your hair is fuzzy, dry , and you just feel like it is out of control, Im sure every time you wash your hair you dread the drying part or if you let it dry naturally it turns out like a bush! Well thats why alfaparf have brought out this product as the answer to your prayers! It is dedicated to unruly hair, which needs to recover shine while controlling the humidity. The product contains almond butter so it will be a little heavier then your average shampoo but if your hair is the fussy type you will need it! We find this product sells more in summer as it blocks out humidity.

We have different Gift packs NOW in salon for the Christmas season that contain a shampoo, a conditioner and a styling product. We have them in Each Diamond,Nutritive, Volume, Repair and Discipline for €30.


If you are unsure which shampoo, conditioner or products to use pop in for a quick chat with myself or any of the Zinc girls and we will be sure to point you in the right direction!

Kirsty And The Zinc Team









Eyebrows have quickly became one of the biggest and noticed beauty area.

The shape of your brows enhance your appearance and your face shape, It balances you features and shapes you eyes.

Eyebrows have become such a big thing and so many people are having eyebrow treatments done.

So here are a few DO’S and DONT’S for your eyebrows!

Dont be afraid to use a bit of product, a little attention does’nt go a miss! why not try the Ken Boylan powder for brows! Amazing product and you will not regret it!


brow powder number 1

Some people prefer a brow pencil, If you are going to use a brow pencil, make sure it is super sharp so you will get best results!

A tip that I would say to everyone!! Use a little bit of highlighter can take brows from good to great!, place a small bit of highlighter beneath the brows on the brow bone and blend with fingers, brows will appear more defined and arched!

highlighted brow

Always remember brows are to look like sisters NOT twins! I find myself saying it over and over again!! Trying to match them can go completely wrong!! That is why they are sisters and not twins!

Don’t be afraid to TOP tweeze. Shaping top of brows is necessary to achieve perfect brows.

Do give your brows a break, always leave 3 weeks between brow treatments, this allows you to see natural growth and allows hair to get on one growth cycle.

Always remember everyone’s brows are different so dont try match your brows to someone else as your brows are shaped to your face !

Why not drop in to one of our beauty team and we can give you advice on you brows 🙂

Feel free to message us your questions

Janine and Team Zinc