OLAPLEX the next big thing

So, have you heard about the latest revolution in the hair world! Its called Olaplex and it is a unique product that is no fad and is 100% here to stay!!

oplex photo 2

As hairdressers we are oozing with excitement about this product as it does something that no other product around has ever been able to do before. It rebuilds bonds within the hair structure that have been damaged from chemical (colour), mechanical (straighteners) process.

oplex photo 1

What is it ? ?  What does it do ? ?

The Olaplex is a product that you put into your colour to strengthen your hair, the product also will help your color from not fading!

It can be added to the bleaching process, this is when having your hair highlighted, balayge and scalp bleaches. Olaplex job is to rebuild the bonds that will get broken during the colour process! So blondes will LOVE this as they no longer have to worry about having broken hair!

oplex photo 3

If you have very damaged hair it can be used as a stand alone service to get your hair back into good condition and get you hair ready for color again!

It really is a wonder product with nothing like it been used in salons before! It really is taking the hair world by storm!!

We have used it on most of our staff members and we have really been able to push the boundaries of hair colour beyond what was possible before! It is how Kim K went from Black To Platinum Blonde and all her hair didnt break off!

oplex photo 4

We have been testing out the Olaplex in Zinc since march and it has been a real game changer!

Here is what we done on our client Ellie who went from a full head of highlights to a full bleach up! The difference in the condition in her hair is amazing!! and it gave a nice clean finish!

ellies olaplex

ask for a colour upgrade next time you are in salon(€20/€25) with all colour services or with a stand alone treatment just add price of a cut and blowdry!

If you have any questions feel free to ask as we are so excited about the Olaplex coming to our salon!!

Lisa and the zinc team  xx


Are you fed up with your nail polish chipping an hour after applying it?

Does your nail polish take too long to dry?

Well here at Zinc we have the solution for you!

The new CND Vinylux polish or others might call it a “weekly manicure” is the answer for you!!

CND VInylux Swatches

This is a new one improved 7 day polish that doesn’t require a base coat. The great thing about the polish is you can remove it yourself at home with regular nail varnish remover. It also drys within 10 minutes so it is a massive time saver!

The polish is so durable and doesn’t chip like your regular pharmacy brand nail polishes!

7 day

The great thing about the CND vinylux Polishes is that they mimic the shellac colors so even if you dont want the shellac you can still achieve the fabulous look as we can replicate the same look.

There are a total of 62 shellac colours and we have 42 CND Polishes to match up!

cnd lots

From my own personal experience i found the most popular colors in “fashion” this season are

  • cake pop
  • tropix
  • tutti frutti
  • pink bikini

also what never seems to phase out is the classic french polish!

blog cdn

Why not call in and get your summer file and polish in zinc! only €15 !!!

Stacey and team zinc!

What Are Highlights?

Trends come and go in the hair world but it looks like ballayage is here to stay! The only trouble is, What is Ballayage? Ombre? Sombre? There are so many names used and so many variations.Were so you even begin to tell the stylist what look you are going for? The best way to explain what you want is by visual reference, A photo of the “one”. Always remember the picture in your head may not be the same as the picture in your stylists head. To help you understand the different forms of highlights here is a quick explanation to help you on your way to being the “hair envy” of everyone


The most traditional form of highlights using foil meche or wraps. It is the most high maintenance form of highlights ideal for people who want lighting form. Root to tip with anything from 1-3 colours. Insider tip!! 😉 Recieve a free bottle of mini Morocanoil when you get a full head of highlights here in Zinc!!!

sarah blog 1


Ballayage is usually a free hand technique that creates a beautiful natural effect. Perfect for breaking up a block colour in a very subtle natural way.

sarah blog 2


Ombré is a more in your face kind of effect! Staring with a dark root fading into brightness at the tips.

sarah blog 3


Sombré is a word used to describe a softer version of ombré with a twist of ballayage. Teaed up with the wow factor of ombré leaving your hair on trend and fabulous!

sarah blog 4

So there you have it! You know know all the different highlights and you just need to choose the “one” for you! Any questions drop in and just ask.

Sarah and the Zinc Team!


Color Wow!

Have you tried the latest “Godsend” from the hairdressing world? If you find a few weeks after having your color done those sneaky greys are popping trough then this is going to be your best friend!

Color Wow is a really effective root cover up that hides all greys! you just brush on and it stays in hair until you shampoo it out. It comes in 6 different shades so you are sure to get your perfect match, the shades are, Platinum, Blonde,Light Brown,Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Black. It is perfect to cover they greys when you have a night out but no time to have your color done.

emma color


Color wow is made with mineral powder so it is very gentle on your scalp, you do not need to worry about irritation. You apply color wow onto hair when it is dry and it lasts until your next shampoo.

Here is an example of a Before and after on one of my clients who felt she had some grey and was heading on a night out so I quickly applied the color wow to her roots after her blow dry leaving her feeling confident and ready for the night ahead!

emma blog

If greys isnt your problem and you are a blonde with dark roots coming through, don’t fear! this works Brilliant for you guys, simply brush on to the dark root area and you will be left with fresh nice bright blonde roots !

emma bloge blonde image

Pop into the salon and we will be happy to match your color up, We sell them for €35 and you will get 60+ applications. You will not find a better price in Dublin.

Enjoy a root free summer!!


Emma and The Zinc Team


Why Choose Dermalogica

Dermalogica isnt just the worlds leading professional product line its a complete system for success all therapists are highly trained and go to lots of different classes to keep up to the latest tips on the skin care products.

We offer a range of services from face mapping skin analysis to skin bar. We divide the skin into 14 distinct zones. By using the zones the therapist is able to conduct an inch by inch methodical analysis of the facial landscape guaranteeing that the home care prescription will fully address each clients concerns.




Skin Bar

Is were clients can receive free face mapping and get to test all the products there interested in “Try Before You Buy” Having the guidance of a therapist to show you how to use the products and to ask any questions about your skin.

We offer 3 different Dermalogica Treatments.


Often clients just want a quick targeted solution to skin care concern, For this reason Dermalogica created a 20 minute high intensity treatment that are ideal for solving skin care concerns between professional skin treatments. They are also ideal for men and teenagers which provide a true skin care solution in just 20 minutes.

Full Professional Treatment:

Give the therapist 45 – 60 minutes to work on your skin, Depending on its needs, It Includes

  • Double Clease
  • Face Mapping
  • Exfoliates
  • Massage/Pressure point Massage
  • Mask
  • Toner
  • Eye cream
  • Lip Cream
  • Moisturizer

Using your client card and face mapping will ensure you are getting the best results

Bio-Surface Peel:

This is the latest treatment that Dermalogica have to offer, They believe a chemical peel should work with the skin Not against it. So they develop new expert strength Bio surface peel, The worlds highly trained skin therapist. Its Unique multi phase approach powerfully targets fine lines hyoerpigmentation and acne to a whole new dept.

If you have any questions we have 3 fully trained Dermalogica experts here in zinc and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Tanya and the Zinc Team


Thinking Of Extensions?

Today’s blog is all about hair extensions! Extensions are all in at the moment with so many celebrities wearing them, They can be got to add length to the hair or even just to add thickness!
So before you get your luscious locks I would recommend you have a little look at the aftercare that is needed an have a chat with a stylist . This will give you a little insight into seeing if you would be up for the aftercare needed with extensions, and also if your dream look is possible. And if both the stylist and client are happy you can go ahead and colour match the extensions to your hair colour.
Their are two types of extensions that are most popular at the moment. Microbeeds and bonds.
Microbeeds are applied using small beeds which are tightened onto the top of the extention and your hair, and bonds are keratin which is melted onto the hair.
To be applied extensions take between 2 and 3 hours with styling.With the right after care extensions should last up to 3 months. After which they should be removed professionaly as to not cause damage to the hair.

Using the right products can also help keep your luscious locks looking amazing for longer! We here at zinc use the amazing platinum hair and we love it! So why not pop in for a chat on getting your dream hair! You will be able to curl straighten and style them to which ever you are feeling!

Here is of of our clients after having her extensions done who chose to go with a straight and sleek look:

striaght extentions

Or another one of our clients had her extensions curled


curly extentions

Here are just a few pro’s and con’s on extensions,

1)You don’t have to wait months to grow your hair.
2)They add lots off thickness to flat thin hair
3) You can add a different mix of colors without. having to color your own hair.
4) Once looked after you can get up to four months out of them

1)If not applied properly this can pull on the hair and cause alot of pain.
2)They can cost quite a bit to get put in.
3)It can take a few ours to apply a head of extensions
4) If they are not looked after properly they will matt and do damage to your hair


If you have any questions about extensions just call into the salon and we will be happy to give you a free consultation
Louise & the team @Zinc

Fringe Benefits!!

So even as a hairdresser I have days where I just don’t know what I want to do with my hair !

Do I grow it ? Do I chop it off ?
Change colour ?
Sometimes You just want a little change and a fringe is such a great idea !

There are so many types and styles so it’s best to ask your hairdresser on what suits your face-shape , lifestyle and type of colour .

The benefits are endless !!

If you have roots they aren’t as obvious as a parting .
If you are experiencing slight hair loss after the birth of you baby it disguises it until it grows back .
It highlights your eyes .
You can dodge getting an eyebrow wax for a few weeks 😀 😀
Also hides any fine lines and saves ya a fortune on Botox 😉


model fringe


But in all seriousness it’s such a great way to change your look without doing anything too dramatic .
It’s a great time saver too on the days where you don’t have time to style your hair you can simply wash and Blowdry your fringe and tie the rest of your hair up !

If you have never had a fringe just go for it !! Worst case scenario. Ya don’t like it , simply clip it back and in a couple of weeks it will have grown out !

Call in and have a chat about what fringe would suit you !

Lisa and the Zinc team


lisa fringe

Need a hair appointment? No Babysitter? No Problem!!!

I think all mammys have the problem of always having to worry about getting a baby sitter every time they need to get there hair done. But don’t worry here are a few tips we have to make the experience easier for you and your children!

Here in Zinc we are 99.9 always prepared for children! this includes colouring books, crayons, markers and of course them little bribes that make things a little easier like lollipops and biscuits! 😀

We also have a dolls head that they can brush and style, we find alot of children are entertained for a while when they play with this.

That’s what we have but of course, feel free to bring anything at all that you know keeps your child happy and content, Be it an i pad, books cars dolls. as we know ourselves Happy Child = Relaxed Mammy!!! 😀 😀

Any other little goodies or treats you usually give them would be a good idea to bring aswell. We can usually sit them beside you or else on our couch which is not too far away!

We also have alot of space here in zinc so buggies are no problem!

Also it is good for your child to see their mammy getting her hair cut as this makes them feel more at ease when its there turn to get a cut 🙂

Dont forget we open Monday – Sunday and do 2 late nights till 8pm so we are always available for mammys relaxation! 😀 😀


Any questions just send a message! Becky And the zinc team!

Choosing the perfect summer foundation

Thinking of changing your foundation now the warmer weather is coming in ?…

Decoderm 16hr foundation

decoderm 16hr

There is nothing quite like finding the perfect summer foundation, After all the right foundation is the key to transform your complexion. This one is guaranteed to give you 16 hours impeccable hold and 24 hour of continuous hydration  perfect for summer months. It is a Lightweight foundation. You forget you are even wearing any!it looks very natural on the skin not giving total coverage but hides any imperfections aswell as highlighting your best features!

Age Modelling Foundation

age modelling

If your looking for something with a little bit more coverage try this one! It is a creamy soft velvety texture that blends into the skin giving natural radiant finish. It is available in 4 different shades and ensures maximum accuracy of colour for appearance on the skin and adaptable coverage also corrects signs of fatigue.

What is a primer and why use one?

A primer prepares the skin for make up, Carrying out invisible correcter effects that facilitate the application of make up and prolongs its duration uniforming the complexion and minimizing imperfections and discoloration while it illuminates the face and contrasts the dull complexion .


Here in zinc we sell two different types of primers from the decoderm range.

Diamond Radiant primer

The innovative formula is enriched with special ingredients containing diamond power with photo reflection properties to illuminate the complexion reduce facial lines and optically reduce wrinkles and sensitive skin.

Silk Filling Primer

It contains clastomeric polymers that make the formula silky and soft and carry out a filling action on wrinkles minimizing their visibility such as properties make this primer particularly adapted to eye ad lip couture areas. Smoothed  skin even complexion gives you a radiant matt finish!


If you have any questions I would be happy to help

Tanya and team Zinc


Review of Dermalogica Bio-Peel Facial

One of my new years resolutions was to start to really focus on looking after my skin and by this I mean using a really great skincare routine, regular facials, lots of exercise and plenty of water. Most of this is well and throughly underway although I have not perfected my skincare routine just yet, but getting there.

I love relaxing treatments as much as the next person but to be honest when it comes to facials I want to see really great results and benefits for my skin and I sometimes don’t get this from a normal facial. I steam my face, apply masks and exfoliate on a weekly basis myself at home so when I visit the salon I like to get something done that I cannot do myself at home.

I had seen that Dermalogica had launched a new facial peel treatment of late and was really intrigued so when I was invited along to Zinc Hair and Beauty in Kilmainham to try it out I really was a happy little lady.


bio peel 1


So what is Dermalogica’s Biosurface peel all about?

Well, it is a resurfacing treatment that can “reduce acne, pigmentation and signs of premature aging” which will work with the skin to reveal a smoother, softer and brighter complexion.

The treatment only has four steps to it:

-Firstly the skin is Prepped to disolve and remove any excess oil and skin cells that might be sitting on the surface

– Next an active enzyme treatment is applied which Dermalogica says works to “unlink skin cells and help digest skin protein to facilitate penetration of active ingredients”

-The third step is where the actual peel is applied. Acid Active is applied to the skin which really gives the skin a deep exfoliation. This step can be applied more than once depending on the level of exfoliation your skin needs and wants. Your therapist will discuss this with you prior to starting the treatment.

-After the exfoliation is complete the final step is to apply the De-celerator which works to calm any irritation and redness that may have been caused by the treatment. It also is a great boost for the skin and sets it well on its way to repairing itself.

Well that is basically how the treatment works so how did I get on with it?

I strangely enough found the whole treatment very enjoyable. If you are looking for a treatment that is very relaxing, lights off and soft music then this might not be the one for you BUT if you want to really see immediate results that last then this is definitely one to consider. Because I had peels in the past I could get Step 3 done several times which was great. The exfoliation was applied to my skin three times so I got a really deep exfoliation. Alot of people fear peels because they are afraid that they will burn or hurt them. There is definitely a sensation during Step 3 and as the product is layered onto the skin as opposed to it being removed and reapplied the sensation becomes more obvious the more layers of the Acid Active that is applied. However, I say sensation because for me that is all it was. It wasn’t sore, it didn’t burn and it wasn’t too uncomfortable….but bear in mind I have had a lot of peels so if it is your first you may feel a little more discomfort than I did but it won’t be anything too bad.


bio peel 2

Once the treatment is complete your therapist will give you a list of do’s and don’ts as well as a post treatment skincare pack which you have to use for at least the next 72 hours (or until peeling stops) post treatment to help your skin get back to itself. I think this is a really great idea and I was impressed to get some skincare to take home with me. I wasn’t worried about what skincare to use afterwards which completely took the hassle out of the process for me.

Peels have become huge in the beauty industry in the past while and I myself had tried alot of them, some which really did cost me a small fortune. My one issue with them is that there is a bit of downtime associated with them because your skin tends to peel which makes wearing makeup a big pain as it just won’t stay put. Dermalogica claim that there is no down time with their Biosurface Peel which was an instant bonus for me. I love the results peels give me but the down time is turn off for me. I can genuinely say I didn’t have any down time with this treatment. I didn’t peel at all which meant that my skin didn’t need to however I do know some girls that did have slight peeling afterwards. I would say that if your skin needs to shed excess skin then it will peel but think of it as a positive as your skin wanted and needed it to happen.


bio peel 3

After the treatment my skin was instantly glowing and fresh looking and this lasts for about 10 days afterwards. The only side affect I got from the treatment was one really large spot on my cheek which was just excess dirt coming to the surface after the exfoliation….can’t complain with that. I also did have some tightness for a few days afterwards but I found that the skincare really helped calm this.

If you are considering getting this treatment I would definitely recommend taking a trip to Zinc Hair and Beauty. The therapist Janine that carried out the treatment is such a lovely girl and thoroughly explained each step of the process before and during the treatment as well as giving me an in-depth run down of my post treatment instructions and skincare.

The Dermalogica Biosurface peel is perfect for anyone with the following concerns:


-Fine Lines and Wrinkles (it can even be used close to the eye area)


-Unbalanced skin


-Skin Congestion

If you have any of the above concerns, a peel or even better a course of peels is definitely the way to go. You can get amazing results that you didn’t think were possible in a very short space of time. If you have a serious concern I would recommend getting regular peels and then just maintenance treatments once the condition has cleared. If you have relatively good skin then every few weeks would suffice. Again, your therapist will help you decide what best works for you and your skin.

The Dermalogica Biosurface Peel will cost you €80 for one treatment at Zinc which includes your aftercare skincare kit. You can also purchase a course of three treatments for €200 which means that you get your third treatment half price. You can visit the Zinc website for bookings and information of all their treatments.

Can you see that I really loved getting this treatment done? I will definitely be going back for more.

Have you ever had a facial peel before? What were your experiences?

Thanks for stopping by